<aside> 🃏 Jack of all trades, master of none.


It's a me, Mario! 😃

I’ve worn many hats during my career since I opened an online shop on 2011; migrating from a tech profile to a business oriented one. I am a critical thinker and love working in fast-paced environments and delivering impact, which is why I have dedicated most of my career in working for (or founding) startups.

Probably the word that best describes me is tinkerer: I love knowing why things work (or why they don’t) and I keep a scientific approach to identify what are the biggest problems business and customers are facing in order to solve them with digital products.

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👷🏽‍♀️ https://www.linkedin.com/in/marioperezpereira/

📨 [email protected]

☎️ +34 644218549

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